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2024 Super Sessions

The IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition attracts the best minds in the industry helping to shape the future design and management of a reliable, efficient energy grid.

As part of the comprehensive 2024 technical program, there are several super sessions planned. 2024 speakers will be announced soon, topics will include:

Super session 01: Mind the gap – Policy and regulation for accelerating the Grid of Tomorrow

The urgency to mitigate climate change necessitates a critical examination of existing policies to bridge the gap between aspirations and achievable outcomes. This panel session brings together leading experts and policymakers to dissect the intricacies of current state and federal policies, identifying the chasms inhibiting the fulfillment of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals. Focusing on the electric sector and the imperative of efficient electrification in transportation and buildings, the discussion will scrutinize policy gaps hindering progress in these pivotal areas. Panelists will deliberate on the discrepancies between policy intentions and on-ground realities, spotlighting actionable measures essential for accelerating the transition towards a sustainable, decarbonized future. By illuminating these policy gaps and advocating for targeted actions, this session aims to galvanize stakeholders, fostering a shared understanding and collaborative pathways to drive meaningful policy reform. Join us for an illuminating dialogue that navigates the complex terrain of policy and regulation, vital for steering the grid of tomorrow towards ambitious GHG reduction targets.

Shay Bahramirad – LUMA

Super session 02: Transmission Buildout – The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need

The next 10-20 years will witness an unprecedented buildout of the transmission infrastructure, a necessity to support new resource development. This panel session will delve into the challenges and solutions associated with achieving a transmission system apt for a clean energy future. It will highlight the need for a more proactive and strategic approach in planning, designing, building, and operating existing infrastructure upgrades. The discussion will also encompass new transmission projects and the role of grid enhancing technologies. These elements combined can lead to effective and less costly implementation, paving the way for breakthroughs in the field. Join us as we explore the solutions we have at hand and the breakthroughs we need to ensure a sustainable energy future.

Pat Wood – Hunt Energy
Elaina Ball – CPS Energy

Super Session 03: Meeting the Energy Needs of Tomorrow – Integrated Planning for the Customers, Distributed Energy Resources, and the Grid

As the energy landscape undergoes a transformative shift towards sustainability and resilience, the imperative to holistically address the interplay between customers, distributed energy resources (DERs), and the grid has never been more crucial. This panel convenes visionaries, experts, and stakeholders at the forefront of energy innovation to explore the intricacies of integrated planning for tomorrow’s energy ecosystem. Focused on aligning customer needs with the evolving grid infrastructure and the proliferation of DERs, discussions will spotlight the challenges and opportunities in harmonizing these diverse elements. From fostering customer-centric approaches to optimizing DER integration and fortifying grid resilience, panelists will delve into strategies that bridge the gap between decentralized energy sources and traditional grid frameworks. By emphasizing collaborative frameworks, technological advancements, and policy imperatives, this session aims to chart a roadmap for a seamlessly integrated energy future. Join us for a dynamic exchange of insights and ideas that redefines energy planning paradigms, paving the way for a resilient, customer-centric, and sustainable energy landscape.

Damir Novosel – Quanta Technology
Elaina Ball – CPS Energy
Gabriel Bareux – RTE
Kevin Geraghty – SDG&E
Raiford Smith – AES

Super Session 04: Powering Progress: Overcoming Obstacles Towards the Energy Transition

In the pursuit of a sustainable energy future, the path forward is marked by intricate challenges at the intersection of global supply chain complexities, the evolution of the electric power industry workforce, and advancements in grid technologies. This panel convenes seasoned leaders and experts to unravel these multifaceted obstacles. Discussions will delve into the ramifications of global supply chain disruptions on energy transition initiatives, emphasizing resilience strategies and localized solutions. Simultaneously, the evolving landscape of the electric power industry workforce and its skill demands will be explored, spotlighting the imperative for upskilling and diversity to meet emerging needs. Additionally, insights into cutting-edge grid technologies shaping the transition will be shared, highlighting their pivotal role in facilitating renewable integration and grid resilience. Through collaborative discourse, this session aims to chart actionable pathways, fostering innovation and cooperation vital for surmounting hurdles on our journey towards a sustainable energy landscape. Join us for an enriching dialogue that powers progress by overcoming pivotal obstacles in the energy transition.

Joseph Svachula – ComEd
Duke Austin – Quanta Services
Marcus McCarthy – Siemens Germany
Andre Begosso – Kearney

Super Session 05: Spark of Innovation: Exploring Decarbonization from Electrification

In the ambitious pursuit of a decarbonized economy by 2045, electrification emerges as the linchpin for transformative change. This panel convenes trailblazers and experts at the forefront of innovation to unravel the blueprint for enabling widespread electrification and grid expansion. Focused on harnessing proven zero-emission technologies across passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as building electrification, discussions will center on actionable steps pivotal to achieving carbon neutrality. Exploring the symbiotic relationship between electrification, grid scalability, and technology integration, panelists will outline strategies to catalyze this monumental shift. By navigating the challenges and seizing opportunities inherent in this evolution, the session aims to chart a course that harmonizes policy, infrastructure, investment, and innovation, propelling us closer to a decarbonized future. Join us for an illuminating exchange that sparks innovation, driving us towards a sustainable, electrified economy by 2045.

Sue Tierney – Analysis Group
Matt Peterson – Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator
Peter Fox-Penner – Energy Impact Partners
Ann Rondeau – Naval Postgraduate School
Marianna Vaiman – V&R Energy Systems

Super Session 06: Climate Change Impacts on the Grid of Tomorrow

As climate change reshapes our energy landscape, the imperative to fortify the grid against its impacts has never been more pressing. This panel convenes experts and visionaries to delve into the critical nexus between climate change and grid resilience. Discussions will underscore the urgency of investing in climate adaptation, highlighting the stark contrast between present costs and the exorbitant toll of inaction. Emphasizing the need for modernized grid planning to empower communities amidst an uncertain future, panelists will advocate for adaptive strategies and innovative solutions. Moreover, the session will spotlight the imperative of enhanced collaboration among industries, governments, and communities to steer a transition towards a clean energy future that prioritizes equity. By fostering dialogue and actionable insights, this session aims to chart a course for a resilient, adaptive grid capable of navigating climate impacts while fostering an inclusive, sustainable energy paradigm for all.

Wayne Bishop – Quanta Technology
Michael Pesin – U.S. DOE
Catherine Stempien – Avangrid
Ken Seiler – PJM
Steve Edwell – Economic Regulation Authority, Perth, AU