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Experience T&D

IEEE PES T&D is an immersive experience that combines training, innovation, and networking to facilitate the kinds of learning and connections that help attendees design and manage the energy grid of tomorrow.

As part of a comprehensive Technical Program, which includes a robust series of super sessions, panel discussions, poster presentations, tutorials, and more, each IEEE PES T&D event offers several special features:


Connect with peers and leaders in the T&D industry through a variety of planned networking events, including a unique Opening Reception hosted by the local organizing committee. Discuss challenges, share ideas and solutions, and make connections you will turn to again and again.

Download the 2022 Pre-Show Planner for a view into last year’s event.


In 2022, the IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition launch the Smart Cities Pavilion. This dedicated area on the exhibit floor featured a variety of case study exhibits showcasing effective collaboration to make smarter cities a reality. This area displayed the latest and greatest in new smart city products and technologies that demonstrate creative approaches to energy, water, mobility, health and safety, food and agriculture, and waste solutions.

View the 2022 Smart Cities Pavilion schedule.


Innovation Stages displayed new technology, knowledge, and best practices through interactive presentations from experts in the field. Presentations featured topics such as integration of DERs, big data and IoT, microgrids, utility of the future, and implementation of a new technology.

View the 2022 Innovation Stages schedule.