6-9 May 2024
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Target Move-In

Due to the volume of display crates, the size of machinery, the cranes in use, and the limited aisle space available during show set-up a targeted move-in schedule is in place for this show.

Target Move-In

If you are shipping by truck to be unloaded at the dock at the convention center, your target date is the day your shipment should arrive. If you ship to the advance warehouse, your target date is when your freight will be in your booth. You are not required to be at your booth n your target move-in date unless you wish to oversee the unloading and/or specify placement of your machinery. Moving machinery after initial placement will require ordering forklift service. If you are shipping your equipment directly to the convention center, Freeman cannot guarantee what time your freight will be delivered to your booth therefore it is typically safer to order labor, if needed, for the following day.

Exhibitors are not required to begin set-up on their target date, but this is the first day they CAN begin. Use the link below to view the target floorplan, but please note if your booth size or location has changed, your target date may change as well. Contact for more information.

All display materials and other freight must arrive on the target move-in date. Display materials which arrive before or after the target move-in may be subject to an additional surcharge.

Linear Booths

All Linear Booths (10′ x 10′, 10′ x 20′, etc.) are assigned a target move-in date of Saturday, April 23.

Clean Floor Policy

The clean floor policy will allow our General Service contractor, Freeman, sufficient time to complete the laying of the aisle carpet, the overall cleaning of the exhibit hall and provide exhibitors the space to complete their booth set up by keeping aisles. All WOOD CRATES/PALLETS are to be tagged and ready for removal from the exhibit floor no later than indicated online based on your target move-in. All crates not marked empty and made available for removal by the indicated dates and times will be subject to removal or movement by Freeman at exhibitor’s expense.