6-9 May 2024
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Promote Your Booth

You’ve made the decision to become and exhibitor, now get the word out to your customers that you’ll be at the 2022 IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition! We’re making it easy for you to market your presence with a toolkit full of assets you can use in your marketing efforts! Below you’ll find branding information, a customizable email invitation, customizable web banners, and more. Get started promoting your booth today and ensure your customers are coming to see you in April!

Exhibitor marketing tools overview

Branding Details

The right fonts and colors enable you to customize better!

  • Copy Font: Open Sans Regular
  • Exhibitor Color Palette:
    • Dark Blue: #fdd80f
    • Red/Orange: #fd5022
    • Purple: #b75cee

Add the IEEE PES T&D logo to your website and marketing materials.

Sample HTML Email

Make sure your customers are at the show by sending them an email invitation! Take this sample HTML and customize it to include your booth number and your company’s engagements at the show. Are you hosting a special event in New Orleans? Or are you planning a special product launch at the event? Add these details to drive your customers to come see you.

Proposed Subject Line: Join us at the 2022 IEEE PES T&D in New Orleans


Add this eSignature to the bottom of emails let your customers know you’ll be at the show. You can add your booth number using the branding details after the image to further customize it, as seen in the example below, using the brand details above.

WEB banneRs

Place these banner ads on your company’s website and newsletters to promote your presence. We’ve even made it easy to add in your booth number. You will need to have an Adobe Acrobat Pro or higher account or Photoshop to edit these banners. Or, you can choose the standard banners.

Share through cds

CDS makes it easy for exhibitors to share their details with customers and even provides a unique promo code which will provide a 50% discount off a One Day Exhibits Only pass. Once you’re logged into CDS, navigate to the “Invite Customers” portal on the left-hand menu.

On this page you will find a custom link will automatically pre-fill your special promo code for your customers or the promo code on it’s own for you to include in your marketing efforts.

Here you will find a printable ”ticket” that, when downloaded, will automatically fill in your company’s details, including promo code, company name and booth number. There is also a sample email for a recommendation on how to include the promo code in a mass email.

Easily send emails to your customers using the Invite a Customer Program complimentary email template. Simply click on the ”Click Here to Invite a Customer” button, fill out the “To” fields with your customers’ names and email addresses, add a personalized message, and hit ”Send”!

Looking for more exposure?

Check out some of the sponsorship opportunities available to help you boost your visibility onsite and you can promote in advance of the event!