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April 25-28, 2022
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Appointment Preference

We want to know what works best for you and help us plan our resources to better serve you. Please choose which type of appointment you prefer. You may change your preference prior to your appointment. If a second preference form is submitted, T&D Exhibits will honor the most recent request.

Please complete the form below to indicate your preferred appointment format.

  • Online: Login and select booth online, company password required.
  • Request Call: Provide a name and phone number for T&D Exhibits to contact at your specified appointment time for a consultation and booth reservation. Exhibitors can also supply an online meeting link if there are multiple parties they would like on the appointment.
  • Proxy: T&D Exhibits will reserve an available booth based on the criteria provided in your proxy request. Exhibitors should submit their proxy request as close to the appointment time as possible to increase the likelihood of their booth choices being available at the time of their appointment. Deadline to submit proxy is 1 hour prior to appointment time.