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April 25-28, 2022
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Power In Planning

Electric utilities, design firms, and engineering consultants look to you for solutions that will help them deliver a reliable, safe, and affordable energy grid. We understand the importance of re-connecting to showcase your innovations and capture new leads. We’re also committed to ensuring a smooth process leading to and through the event, which will begin with a new two-step space selection process.

General space selection is open! Learn more.


Step 1: April 27 – May 7 (COMPLETE)

In Step 1, companies that planned to exhibit at the 2020 conference were able to submit booth space applications indicating their preferred booth size for 2022. These applications were time stamped to determine their appointment time to select the actual booth location. The application process closed on May 7 and appointment times for Step 2 were emailed to companies on May 15.

Step 2: June 4 – June 24 (COMPLETE)

Exhibitors that completed the application have been assigned 5 minute appointment times to select their booth location. All companies must submit an Appointment Preference Form indicating if they prefer to select the booth online, via phone, or via a booth space proxy form. If submitting a proxy form we encourage exhibitors to submit this form no more than 24-48 hours prior to appointment and no less than 1 hour before.

  • Reserve Booth Online (password required, login available at appointment time)
  • Phone Reservation (T&D Exhibits team to contact exhibitors that “Requested Call” via the Appointment Preference Form, calls will be made during the appointed times only)
  • Booth Space Proxy (for companies unable to make appointment times, they can submit the proxy form indicating their preferred booth locations).

Additional Questions? See Space Selection FAQs.

General Space Selection will open on July 12.

Key Space Selection Dates

April 1 

Update contact information online using exhibitor dashboard

April 27       

Applications will open at 12:00 pm EST for all 2020 exhibitors

**NOTE: The timestamp on this application will determine your booth selection appointment time.

May 7

Applications will close at 11:59 pm EST

May 24-28

Round 1: Space placement for exhibitors who requested 2600+ SF space

June 4-24

Round 2: Space selection appointment for booth sizes <2,600 SF, scheduled in order of submitted application

July 6-9 

Round 3: Space selection for 2020 exhibitors who did not submit their application by May 7

July 12

Round 4: General space applications will open for new exhibitors and those who didn’t sign up for 2020

Benefits of the New Process

  • Each company will have 5-10 minutes to select their preferred booth.
  • Ability to design the floorplan to accommodate required changes due to COVID-19 and create the best flow for exhibitor traffic.
  • Ability to accommodate changes for exhibitors as they happen.
  • Ability for exhibitors to request assignment of the best available space if they are not available at the time of their appointment.

Space Selection Frequently Asked Questions

The application for priority space selection is now closed. Exhibitors who completed an application will receive an appointment to select their booth at a specific time, with the time stamp on the application determining space selection appointment time. General space selection will open on July 12.

Yes, companies that rolled over their payment from 2020 to 2022 must still complete both the application and the booth reservation process.  However, you will not have a payment due until January 3, 2022.

No, the 2022 conference will take place at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA. This convention center has a different layout than Chicago and the floorplan will be completely different.  All companies must select a new booth. 

The floorplan is live and updated as booths are selected. Click here to view it.

We are closely monitoring developing guidelines and will apply as needed, but for now we will adhere to industry standard booth regulations.  With the only EXCEPTION for linear booths, if you wish to construct a side divider that exceeds the height of 4 feet high in the front 1/2 of your booth space we will approve with the use of see-through plexiglass material that will not block neighbors sight-line. 

We expect, if any, the changes suggested will affect the number of aisles, food and beverage placement and lounges/attendee gathering areas. As we layout the overall floorplan we will incorporate all best practices that are being utilized for the safety of all attendees/exhibitors.

A complete list of exhibitors who were registered for 2020 (before cancellation) can be found here.

The most frequently asked question when selecting a booth is where the main entrance is. None of the entrances would be considered “main” entrances as it will depend on where exhibitors/attendees are coming from or going to. The transportation area, where all shuttles, taxis, and ride shares drop off will be in front of Hall G. More information is available on the floorplan

Companies that choose their booth online will receive confirmation & invoice email within 48 hours. Companies that reserved a booth over the phone or via proxy will receive contract email and have 48 hours to complete the contract. Once the contract is signed, they will receive confirmation and invoice email within 48 hours. 

NOTE – Online booth selections are not reserved for your company until AFTER you click on the SUBMIT button as part of the contract. Then you will see a confirmation page saying the booth has been reserved.  

The booth contract is digital, and you will sign it when you submit your online booth reservation. The terms and conditions (including payment and cancellation schedule) are also available online

Exhibitors may create 10×20 or longer booths by selecting multiple booths when picking a booth. However, Exhibitors may only merge linear booths that are next to each other to create larger booths (10×20, 10×30, etc.). Exhibitors may NOT create “end-cap” booths as this is against show policies. An end-cap booth is defined as a linear 10’ x 20’ booth spanning two different aisles. If an exhibitor attempts to reserve an end-cap booth, the booth will not be confirmed, and the exhibitor must move to allowable space that is available at that time. Examples of approved vs not approved: 


Please don’t hesitate to contact T&D Exhibits at [email protected] or (972) 521-9902.