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PDH and CEU Certificates

Earn credit for conference sessions

At the 2024 IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition, you have an ideal opportunity to obtain Professional Development Hours (PDH) and/or Continuing Education Units (CEU) certificates.

  • PDH certificates can be earned by attending Super Sessions and Panel Sessions. 1 PDH credit will be earned for each out of sessions. For example, since Panel Sessions are 2 hours, attendees will earn 2 PDH credits.
  • CEU certificates can be earned by attending Tutorials and IEEE PES Plain Talk. Earn 0.4 CEU credits for a half day or 0.8 CEU credits for a full day.

These certificates will be useful for professional engineers in states where continuing education is required. Additionally, attendees may use these sessions for attaining and meeting their own personal and company developmental objectives.

Learn more about the 2024 IEEE PES T&D Technical Program.

PDH Process

PDHs do not include permanent recording by IEEE. Participants obtain a PDH form from the room monitor and have it signed by the session chair at the end of the session. It is the participants’ responsibility to keep this form; there is no way to obtain a PDH for a session after the conference has ended.

CEU Process

In order to receive CEUs, participants must sign in and also complete the CEU Evaluation Form after attending each Tutorial or Plain Talk course and turn it in to the room monitor. CEU Certificates will be emailed to participants within a few weeks of course completion. IEEE will maintain a permanent record of CEUs.


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