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Know Before You Go – Health & Safety

Avoid Traveling When Not Feeling Well

  • It is recommended and expected that you will avoid or postpone travel if you are feeling unwell. While we will miss seeing you at the event, your well-being and overall well-being of participants is what matters most.
  • Self-evaluate before leaving home. Traveling while ill increases your chances of potential interaction with an unfamiliar health care system and you could transmit your illness to travel partners, other passengers and/or colleagues.

Preparing for Travel – Medical Checklist

  • Create a simple travel card that lists all active medical problems, current medications, and allergies. If possible, download a travel health mobile application to input medical records, medications, and other health information (e.g., x-rays, lab results, EKG) so these are accessible if needed.
  • Pack a travel health kit with your prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines (enough to last your whole trip, plus extra), first aid supplies, and your health insurance card.  Be sure to review your health insurance for any coverage limitations related to medical care outside of your home country.
  • Ensure you/your travel companion’s vaccinations are up to date (e.g., influenza, tetanus, Covid) as well as any country-specific requirements that may be needed.

During Travel

  • In the event of an emergency, please call 911 for immediate assistance.
  • If you require assistance with a non-emergency illness or injury, please contact IEEE’s Event Emergency Response Team (EERT) via email at
  • Request documentation of any medical care received, including medications, and share with your health care providers once you return home.

General Safety Tips

  • Remove conference badges outside of meeting site.
  • Close the door securely once you enter your room and use all of the locking devices provided.
  • When walking, stick to well-lit, busy areas; walk with a purpose. Don’t be distracted by use of your headphones or cell phone.
  • Place all valuables in the hotel safe deposit box.